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Info: 2010 This page is created by Rickard Santala © . And if you have any questions mail me from the startpage.


Mr. Eddies Hill.


Sooo here they are, The Rabbit Mrs.Jampa and the Dog Mr.Eddie Meduza, his bornname was Benerbitens Tintin from the Kennel Benerbiten locateted just 20Km south of Gothenburg-Swe in Onsala with www , he was born on a beautiful day 2010-03-20 and he came to us around 2010-05-15, and he is just so wounderful and the best of member in our family and make every day full of sunshine for us.

Great Links and help: Swe.KennekKlubben and Agria AnimalInsurance

Then Mrs.Jampa the Rabbit is just as sweet and nice and have a great personality and is together with us every day and is a big part in our family as well and she and Eddie plays alot together and look after eachother that nobody come from the outside and hurt them so they are a great team. And she is so use to us now that she wants to be petted at all times, uncredible but true, she comes and smells in your neck and jump up on your shoulder and kind of HELLO here i am, please speek with me a bit, hehe, so as great animals as anybody can have and they have a great life here with alot of people that loves them. She came to us from a zoo-shop in Mölndal-Swe around 2009-05 when she was only some weeks and now she is a big girl and just enjoys life here with here family.

The first/oldest pics is in the bottom and the newest on top, so scroll away mate.. ;))) , and later on when we get more photos from different accations that will come in albums here on top with link to every album but the startpics what is below will stay there, aaaand so it is, enjoy and hope you´ll find them as sweet as we do, take care out there and your animals ;)). Best Regards from the Santalafamily.

My name is Eddie Meduza the DogMy name is Mrs.Jampa the Rabbit


Click my pic to see how i finish the chrismas, hehe... ;)))

Mr. Eddie Meduza the Dog, and how i finish the Christmas, click the text or my pic to see all of the pics... ;)))

Just how sweet i am

Looking, smelling and Mr Photoman in windowreflection.....

Just me, sweet Mrs. Jampa

Smelling abit yea.. ;))

This pics is from our home in Mölndal-Swe in 2011-05

Mrs.Jampa Relaxed in her corner

Ohhh im so nice.. ;)))

And a small jump cause my name is Jampa.. ;))

Mr.Eddie in his favouritecorner

Controlling the situation....

Only 3 pics with wievs from our animals little area to play around at home

And from the balcony in the other direction

And to totally chock myself i had to put a photo of one of our nice flowers, or they say to me its beutiful anyway, but not chromed, hehe.. ;))

Here this episode is finish


This pics below is from a friends house 40Km south of Gothenburg at the Westcoast at 2011-05

Mr.Eddie Meduza

Daddy and Eddie

Eddie and Mummy

Thats the pics from the westcoast that.. ;)))


Hi, It´s me Eddie.. ;))))

Peekaboooo, this is me Jampa.


Here´s the first pics on us below in a mix of us both to get a grip of our fantatic beuty like our parents... ;))))


This first 6 pics below Photo: Hampus Santala 2009 ©

This 6 pics above Photo: Hampus Santala 2009 ©


These is the startpics from 2010

Pics from Eddies 1-Year Birthday 2011-03-20

* Photo : Rickard Santala/Maria Szabo © +46(0)706-249 704 © *

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