Hoppa tillbaks till Startsidan

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Info: Summer 2005, I tried to start work again after my major traffic accident and this i did at a Danish company that make transports all trough Europe and everywere it´s needed. However we made the first trip together me and Pia so i would get warm in my clothes and get into the rutines. Some pics are from this trip and then some, in the it did´nt work out so it was back to pension again but it was a wounderful summer on the road. Ride in peace brothers.

On the way down trough Germany to Netherlands and France

Autobahn Germany

Pia rolling down the road

A view of the French countryside after we have left the wagon in NL

And after NL and France it was to Denmark and load and of to Spain here almost on the Spanish boarder

Uphill in Spain

Nice pic in the mirror when i was co-piloting

And downhill in Spain

And Spanish downhill again with the caracteristic signs

This truck we past like 10 times, alittle funny, it was eveywhere we were

Rolling down Spain

And one of the Peage stations

Repsol gasoline station in Spain

Here we took a pause in a truckstop in Spain and two pics on Pia

One more stopplace in the increddible heat

More pause in the wounderful nature

And we was down it was heatrecord, here rolling trough Madrid and 45.5 degrees celcius

Rolling south

And here it was possible to buy tickets to the ferry to Africa

Here a normal look in the Spanish countryside

Pride of Spain

Rolling trough a little Spanish city

Stop before unloading in Algeciras in Spain beside the palms and ferries to Africa

After unloading it was into Gibraltar UK

Very nice in the south of Spain

An airplane taking of from Gibraltar

Parking at Gibraltar

Our truck and Gibraltar, The Rock, UK in the background

Gibraltar and the medeterrainian ocean

And of again to get some grapes in the south of Spain 1 km from the Pourtoguise boarder

Cartaya-Spain at the Esther Frutas loading grapes back to Denmark

Breakfost before rolling north again

Nightrest in south of France

On the way over the small-big belt bridges in Denmark and unloading in Copenhagen, DK

Nice mirrorpic of the beautiful bridges in Denmark

Passing over the bridges

New day, new truck and my son Hampus joined in here going north and havin breakfost in Germany

Bp Truckstop in Germany

And here i am to with my son behind the camera.. ;))

One more pause and fare more north in Germany and one happy co-pilot

Hello Mr driver.. ;)

Rolling north in Norway on the way to Bergen-Norway and my son posing in the beautiful Norwegian countryside

Sweet son and mean truckpower rolling along the Highways

Here is one cool place 150 km before Bergen, this thunnel is 50 km long and this cool light, i just had to stop around 5 Am and take this pic

Here Hampus is in the cabbin on the ferry from Bergen-Norway to Hirtshals-Denmark

New trip to an island north of Bergen-Norway after we have loaded in the airport of Luxenbourg, little funny with the goats

New mirrorpic in the Norwegian country

Beautiful mountins in Norway were the snowwater made it´s own way after 100:eds of years

Going south into the city of Hemsedal-Norway back on the road home to Denmark

New day, new trip, after loading a home in Copenhagen it was up to Norway and a summerhouse they bought there

Beautiful Norwegian countryside

Nice truckcabin, this is how you should live when you´re are out rolling the roads.

And so the story goes on but this is all from Europe this time, take it easy on the roads.

* Photo : Rickard Santala © +46(0)706-249 704 *

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