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Händelse: 2005-10, A great avent took place in October 2005 when my friend call me and asked if i could take a trip to Hungary from Scania/Gothenborg with a citytruck/hookloader from Gothenborg to a racingcourt, Euro-Racing Ring in a town called Örkény, located 50 kilometers south of Budapest, Hungary. And one more truck was sent from Scania Södertälje/Sweden, a citytruck/Dibustrationunit. Both trucks were equiped with allison automatic transmission, and Allison were also the customer to this trip were they took alot of different units with their transmissions installed to the racing track to introduce it in eastern europe as well making a video and tv-program about it that a english company where there and made. The trucks where there one week at location fore test driving and showing how the transmission work in reality and let everybody feel the differance of an ordinary transmission. It was as well dumpers transported there from Austria and firetrucks from Germany and so on so it was a big event. Anyway me an Matts from Scania/Södertälje meet up at the ferrycamp TT-Line in Trelleborg/Sweden and rolled on the ferry to Rostock/Germany from where we made the trip down trough out Germany-Cseck Republica-Slovakia-Hungary, and this is our story.


So here the trip started at Scania Gothenborg Sweden with a Scania rental truck with allison transmission and construction from Joab

Here the trucks start to roll of the ferry in fridaymorning in Rostock/Germany

And a little dreamy pic on the ferry in the early morning hours

Here we are in Cseska Republica taking a pause on the way down

And again my little beutiful travelling companion

Soon in Praha/Cseca

An unusuall pic in drivers day, roadsigns... ;))) soon turning of to Brno

Brno and going in direction of Slovakia and Hungary

Here we are coming to the Hungarian border

Now we are in Hungary and the weather is wounderful as the day

Here we have my newfound friend Matts in Budapest, at a sellmarket fore tourists

This is the chainbridge over Donau Budapest

And this is the Royal Budapest Castle close to Donau

Here we have roadconstruction workers in Budapest

Here we have real good old fashiond construction trucks

Citybusses in Budapest running by electrical wires in the air

Citytrain in Budapest close to Donau

A real Trabant

And my friend Matts in the hotell in Budapest

And me after signing the guestbook in the hotell in Budapest With Maria and Anico

And anothter friend to us, Katy

Here we are at Scania mainoffice in Hungary, Biatorbagy-Budapest with our trucks

And a real heavy constructiontruck for heavy conditions

This is suspention

Matts in front of the headoffice

On our way home again closing up to Slovakia

Hungarian/Slovakian border line

And Matts in front of our hotell in Praha during the truck weekend banning

And here at the worldfamous bridge Karluv Most in Praha were all the allied troups walked during worldwar two

Alittle wiev over Donau

Karluv Most and Donau seen from the sniperstower were they spent many long hours during the war

The roof inside the tower

Donau in Praha

A speciality in Praha, Puppiedolls, alot of stores only selling this fantastic handwork

One of the mainstreets in the city with alot of tourists

And then we found this rallycar when we was walking around

Alot of art on the walls in the city, increddible beutiful

And horses with wagons fore tourist trips, very nice indeed, and here the story almost ends, below some pics from Matts Phone.

Photo : Rickard Santala © +46(0)706-249 704


Here is a little village in Ukraine there Matts went to manage a test drive with 8axeled dumsters togeather with Scania

Here are the trucks at the testdrive location

Here is me fixing with papers for alittle change wich Matts found increddible amusing, this in Grand Hotell, Budapest

And as a funny co-insidence we meet the former worldfamous Swedish Wrestler Pelle Svensson in the hotell for a Wrestling VM-event

4 Last Photos © Matts Bander 2005


* Photo : Rickard Santala © +46(0)706-249 704 *

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