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Händelse: 2005-12-29 Until 2006-01-04, We enjoyed Newyear in Budapest, Hungary, Me and my Wife Mária and her best friend Agnes, this was a very nice weekend with alot of fun and love and alittle champange, tihi.. ;)))) however this is some mixed pics from the weekend and alittle around the area in Budapest aswell as from the new Years eve.

Here we are at Margrethe Island in Budapest and alitlle bit of Donau that is floating inside it, funny here i was only checking my camera

And here is alittle bit better try to make a picture of the beutiful enviroment

And very nice smoke over the water because the falling temerature in the evening

Here is my beutiful wife Maria and here best friend Agnes to the left

Alittle bit closer

And here i am at home in Budapest and mayby alitte bit tired.. ;))

And here is Agi.. ;)))

And here my wife Maria is with here best friend Agnes at Home in Bp happy that we are together and its New Years Eve

Here we are very much in love as every day with our little heart, huspand and wife imadlak

Ofcourse it was some fireworks to when we was walking from home and to Katy at the bell of midnight and the new year


And again

Mária happy that it´s newyear and mayby alittle chapagne, tihi.. ;))

And here i am home at Katy´s

The girls in Bp, Agnes, Katy and Mária

The gang Agi, Katy and Rick

Here is Lehel Tér, the squere just alittle bit down our street

Photoassistents Mária and Agi

The church beside Lehel Tér

This is one of the big shopping centers in Budapest, West End City Center on the Pestside of the city

Here the christmastree outside Westend City Center

The Photogirls outside Westend City Center

And our little angels to finish with from this wounderful holiday

* Photo : Rickard Santala © +46(0)706-249 704 *

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