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Info: 2006-05-10 to 12, Me, Maria and Hampus took a wounderful Threeday cruise with DFDS Seaways from Gothenburg-Newcastle T/R. Wounderful weather and everybody very happy so everything was perfect, and it make me totally happy everytime i come out on see, and this is the story..... (If you want you can find desktopimages from this trip at the startpage and link Desktopimages.)

Sailing out from Gothenburg 10 Am and in the background the lipstickhouse and the GötaÄlvbridge

A little wiev over Gothenburg city in the channel out to the ocean

Stena Lines shipps to Germany, the blue one cargoship on route Travemunde and the white one passengership on route Kiel


The front of the ship and the Gotenburg bridge Älvsborgsbron, between Gothenburg city and Hising Island

The Pilotship escorting the ferry out of the narrow harbour out to the open ocean and to see that everything is correctley

At least open ocean and water, wounderful. The only correct thing to do is to relax and enjoy, this is peace and harmony


And Hampus in the cabin, happy as always, a perfect day and trip

And Maria, happy as well enjoying the see and enjoying life

Here Hampus took part in a program DFDS have onboard fore the children that is called Jack the Pirateclub and they have a lot of fun activitys aboard for the children everyday, and they even stand at the entrance of the ship when you come aboard welcomming all the children and tell them about it and it´s very aprisciated, and it´s on different times every day and diffrent activitys like painting competition with prices and they get books to learn about the see and tresuarehunt with prices and so on and they get a personal pirate passport to collect stamps in during their travel with DFDSships and get prices after every 2 stamps. This is Hampus after the first activity with paintingcompetition that they had the first day and there he won the price on his arm, Jack the Pirate doll, proud and happy. I must say it´s a very good thing DFDS do for the children and make their trip a very fine memory. And as well they have in a different part of the ship a playingroom for the children with plasticballs and tv with childmovies all the time and ofcourse, of the 2 cinemas onboard it´s atleast 2 childmovies everyday.

This is the ocean going forward in full speed in the wounderful weather, this is the best

Here the nighttime is starting to come down on over us after a wounderful dinner and day we watch the sun going down over the horisont

This is nighttime at the sundeck in the backpart of the ship and the moon is up, a wounderful evening

And the next day starting up after an early breakfustbuffea, another wounderful day at see and in life

Beutiful ocean between Kristiansand Norway and Newcasle GB, the ship always goes from Gothenburg at 10 Am and goes in at the terminal at Kristiansand Norway on both ways to load and unload people, cars and cargo, on the journey to Gb it´s in Norway at 6 Pm and is in aprox one hour and the next morning at 9 Am it´s in Newcasle, on the way back it goes out from Newcastle at 4 Pm and is in Norway the next morning and in Gothenburg at aprox 5 Pm the same afternoon

Here the sundeck daytime, but still alittlebit cold, but soon it will be highseason and real summerheat and not so cold winds

The front of the ship stearing ahead of Newcastle Gb in the middle of the ocean

A beutiful sunny day and alot of water and relaxation

Water and sun, beutiful

Hampus in the playingroom aboard, enjoying life best as ever

Maria and Hampus feeling good together in the channel in to Newcastle harbour

And this is me (Rickard) and Maria feeling very happy to in the channel in to Newcasle, a perfect day

The inner channel to port in Newcastle

Here we have the port of Tyne (Newcastle Port) but alittle outside Newcastle so Tyne is the correct name of the place

Two happy familymembers soon to get on English ground, this is happiness

A beutiful wiev at one of the many fine streets inside Newcastle, a very beutiful town and a very perfect trip, if you have the possibillity to do it don´t hasitate cause you won´t regrate it, and it´s not very expensive either and it´s a memory for life. Alot to do in Newcastle for everybody, alot of nice and cheep shops and alot of pubs and alot of beutiful things to look on if you just like to walk around and enjoy, here is churches and monuments and it doesn´t matter if u are young or old, family or wanne party, it´s the complete and perfect trip for anyone any age.

Here alittle beutiful squere in Newcastle city and this wagon belongs to a lady that will tell your future if you like that, beutiful anyway

And here we are taking a softdrink in a English pub before the bus back to the ferry, Hampus, Maria and Rickard

And this is one of the churches in Newcastle cloose to the grand central station

And this is a ship like ours but that boat is going to Holland from the same port

The little front of our ship again this time throughout the channel on our way back home from GB again

English countryside along the channel out from Newcastle, very Beutiful and harmonic

Here it´s bye bye Gb and Newcastle for this time sad enough, but we´ll be back soon, the end of the channel and opening to the ocean

PS: Sad enough i missed to take pics of the beutiful nature and stop in Norway but one thing is sure that next time it will be alot of pics from this trip and alot of Norwegian beuti from the channels and coast all the way in and out of the harbourdock there and with all beutiful small islands.

DS: If you want to Download Desktopimages from this trip there is a collection at main startpage and button Desktops, sad enough Dfds have shut down this line now cause it was to little people, very sad........ / Rickard, Maria and Hampus.... ;))

* Photo : Rickard Santala © +46(0)706-249 704 *

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