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Info: 2006-05-13, We, Rickard, Maria and Hampus went to the wounderful zoo, Kolmården, aprox 20 Km north of the city Norrköping in Sweden beside the mainroad E4. It was a perfect day with nice weather and not to warm or cold, but it was not highseason yeat, so it was alot of space to walk on and it´s nice. They have most animals you can wish for and a wounderful delphinshow you just must see. And another great thing is Bamses world from the cartooned superstrong bear with all of his family and friens, and it´s with theater and a shop and grandmothers kitchen there you can eat and all the buildings from the cartoon is built up so the children can go inside and look, and it´s very nice and as well close to that it´s a smaller playingground for the children to. Here is some pictures from the day and if you have the possibillity to go don´t hesitate. Here is as well a wildlifemotel and a tropicarium and a zoo that you can drive around with your car, but if you wan´t to check it all out count on two days cause you´ll gone need it. There is some desktopimages from this trip to you can get from startpage and desktopimages. Have a great day.......

Here the first stop is, Bamses World

Maria in front of Bamses house and mailbox

Bamses Grandmothers house on the mountin there she make the special strong honey

Hampus upside down in the playingground

Hampus in the Black Wolfes house

Maria and Hampus as the rabbit Lille Skutt and the turtle Skalman

This small animals was very nice and intresting, sad enough i don´t know their name

Very very nice

Childrens zoo there they can go inside and pet the animals, this a little childgoat

Hampus happy driving car and enjoying the day to the maximum

One of the tigers jumping up on the roof on their shelter

Just walking around looking...........

The Delphinarium

A great show you don´t want to miss in your life i you go here sometime

All kind of tricks and Kolmården is one of the leading zoo:s in the research and caretaking of Delphines

Flying in the air

Flying touching balls 10-15 meters up in the air

Here they push from two directions at the same time one of the trainers ounder the water and high up in the air and finishis with sending the trainer high up that does a flip and comes back down, increddible

One of the childseals in the aquarium

A grown seal swimming in the aquarium

The childseal up in the sun enjoying life

This was a very little kind of monkey and very nice and beutiful with a very special personality

And putting out his toung to us...... ;))))

And the monkeychildren playing outside

And back to his mother and saftey

And we end this story with this little picture of this camel, hope you have enjoyed the journey with us......

* Photo : Rickard Santala © +46(0)706-249 704 *

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