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Info: 2006-07-11 until 07-25, In the summer 2006 me and Hampus was in Budapest-Hungary to celibrate Marias birthday and during this period we were around alittle as well, and here are som beautiful pics from Margarethe Island that is located in the middle of Donau. And here our friends Agi and Katy were with us as well.

Rickard and Hampus take of from Landvetter Airport-Sweden

Here is what you see when you walk on to Margarethe Island in Budapest-Hungary

Normal traffic is not allowed on the Island, only companys and taxi-busses, hotelguests and so on

Agi, Maria, Katy and Hampus

Katy almost falling into the fountain on Margarethe

Hampus happy and running in the heat

The fountain on Margarethe, very beautiful and with classical music playing in rythm with the water

Katy, Hampus and Agi

Rickard, playing Hampus, Katy and Agi

Its such an increddible beautiful and harmonic place this island, don´t miss if youre visiting Budapest

Our little coffea and foodplace on the island, before in time they served Langos that was so perfect

Little Rickard

And a happy Hampus that is eating icecream, in the background is Budapest Swimming arena there Worldchamps in Swimjump was 2006

Hampus bycyckling on Katys bycyckle

A very happy boy in a very beautiful space in this world

Everybody together at the monument just inside the entrance of the island

* Photo : Rickard Santala © +46(0)706-249 704 *

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