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Info: Lördag 2006-12-02, Var det dags för Glenn och Cecilias dotter Emilia Lovisa att döpas i Kungsbacka Kyrka av Kyrkoherde Joachim Holmgren, det var ett ljust och fint dop i den vackra kyrkan på torget i Kungsbacka med en fin Gudstjänst och en fin dag att minnas med familj och vänner samt inbjudna. Emilia var så snäll och fin under dopet, festen hölls efteråt i Blondie Fjärrs lokaler i Kungsbacka där det blev lite tårta och festligheter samt öppning av dopgåvor av dom två stolta föräldrarna. Jag och min son Hampus samt alla inbjudna vill passa på och tacka för att få vara med på den här fina dagen och fina starten på Emilias liv. /Rickard

Gb Info: Saturday 2006-12-02, It was time for Glenn and Cecilias daughter Emilia Lovisa to get here name officially at the Church of Kungsbacka at the citysquere of the village by the minister Joachim Holmgren, it was a very bright and beautiful cermony in the beautiful church and it will be a very nice day to remember with family and friends invited and Emilia was so kind and peacefull during the whole day, the party afterwards were hold at the premisys of Blondie Fjärr, Kungsbacka there it was some cake and a really nice time as well as opening of all the gifts to Emilia by her proud parents. Me and my son as well as all invited to this wounderful day would like to thank the family to be invited to share this fine day and good start in Emilias life together with them. /Rickard.

The beautiful Church of Kungsbacka

And the songs to for the day

Some family and friends

And here everybody come

The proud family of the day, Glenn, Cecilia and Emilia

Lining up for the cermony

Happy and serious

And a very fine speach by this man

Here the cermony starts with Emilia Lovisa

Water in the font

And here Emilia is accepted into Gods care

And in his hands we all hope she will have a long and happy life

And the closest get to welcome her as a Gods child

The light shining on this girl today

Official documents and lights to the family

A bright and happy day

The partylocation, warm and inviting light

My son Hampus and Photographer, happy to be a part of this fine day

Watch out who come in here.. ;)))

Just so we know where we are

Alittle mingel around the guests before everything gets up to speed

And mister Leif Blondie Grandfather him self

The happy and shining parents and two very warm and kind humans

Maincake of the day

Two proud fathers and lifelong friends, Marcus and Glenn

Cake and party all way around

Time to start open all the gifts for Emilia up on the stage together with Elvis him self.. ;)))

Alot of big smiles

The proud mother of Emilia, Cecilia

And the very happy father to Emilia, Glenn

All family gathered

Very intrested spectaters

And a bottle fore the mother to enjoy in a coupple of months.. ;))))

The gifts gathered on the table to be looked on by the partycroud

Thats all for this time folks, hope you had as much fun as i had and if you wanne look on all the pics just download the compleate zip-file from the top of the page

* Photo : Rickard Santala © +46(0)706-249 704 *

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