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Info: 2006-12-03, It was time for the yearly dogshow hold at Åby Travbana Mölndal-Sweden by BoxerKlubben Västra, that is the same weekend every year and is an inofficial dogshow and exibition but ofcourse with referees and prices and the whole everything. The show was during the sunday between 9-17 Hrs.

The dog this is about is a Pudel by the name Cruséas Loving Lolly produced by Cruseas Kennel/Anette Sandberg, Älvängen - Sweden

And my job at this location was to photograph the black pudel that goes with the name of the official and compeating name Cruséas Loving Lolly but in everydayuse she goes by the name Vera and is produced by the Cruseas Kennel/Älvängen-Sweden, Anette Sandberg, and the proud owner of the dog is Pernilla Albihn. And it was Anette that took care of the dog during the competition and this was the first time out in compeating for this dog and it turned out to be a real good start with alot of prices during the day.

Prices of this day for Cruséas Loving Lolly (Vera) was, Best in Rase Puppet=BIR + Best in Group Puppet=BIG + In the finals of Best in Show she won 4:th placeaward=BIS, so it was quite a sucessefull day with alot of nerves that went really well


Some of the prices from the day for Vera

Anette running with Vera during the Best in Show compeatingpart

Anette and Vera still compeating for Best in Show

And here we got the Fourth Price

A proud and nice pudel

Happy owner, dog and Trainer when the day finally ends

The proud owner Pernilla Albihn with her pricewinning pudel Vera

* Photo : Rickard Santala © +46(0)706-249 704 *

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