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Info: 2006-12-23, We went to the amusementpark Liseberg in Gothenborg-Sweden were they have Christmas at Liseberg every winter with a amasing lightshow that just is so beautiful and everybody that have the possibility to go there and see it should and you´re never regret it, anyway we made some documentry photo of the beautiful park and meet a santaclaus that had been working the day there and he travel around as a santa so it was a intresting experiance and we even mada little intervju for the paper Gt with him, hope you´ll enjoy the beutiful site.

One of the beautiful trees

A nice little ski hill for children

More beautiful lights in the trees

Nice overwiev at the park

One of many christmas like stands with little nice things

The famous resturant and pub Tyrolen inside Liseberg

One of the open attractions fore the children

Just a nice sign with what i thought very nice coulers

One of the wheels in the park, here´s swedish film

And the top of it

Very nice part with nice light and old atmosphere

Very cousy place

Santas World

Here´s the Santa we meet, Rune Pennborg that got his pic in the paper Gt at 24:th of Dec

My beutiful partner and Photographer Maria in Santas World

The Jesus child and were all of this come from, a beautiful sceene and a good remembering what all this is about

Nice lightning on the walls inside the promosis

And the little boat

A beautiful scene the last hours into christmas

Light and happiness

The little river inside Liseberg

Here´s tha ice skating rink with a little ship and in the summer its a scene with artist´s

Two nice securityguards that soon were on their way home to celibrate christmas with family

And an increddible beautiful river with superb lightning

And ofcourse the Pariswheel were you can see most of Gothenborg from and is viseble from most parts of town

* Photo : Rickard Santala © +46(0)706-249 704 *

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