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Info: 2007-05-31+06-02, We spent some time on the beautiful Swedish Westcoast at a little place called Ölmvalla that is located ca 40 Km south of Gothenborg. This was some beautiful days and we enjoyed all the nature have to give and here is some nice pics of it, Beach, crabs, manets, ocean, beautiful dreamhouses and playing in the sand for Hampus.

Maria and her summerboat.. ;)

Mr. Nightmanet

Mr. Nightcrab, and this is the end of the pics from 05-31, the rest is from 06-02

Mr. Crab in daytaime

And so it was time for the crabrace

Here they go

And attackmode

A littlebit closeupshot

Hampus enjoying the sand and ocean

A nice house at the Swedish westcoast

* Photo : Rickard Santala © +46(0)706-249 704 *

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