Hoppa tillbaks till Startsidan

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Info: 2007-06-05, Was one more of this beautiful days we spent of the Swedish West-Coast and some pics of the life there and text follows ounder the pics about of what it is and the start of this beautiful place you can find here. 2007-05-31+06-02, Swedish Westcoast, Ölmvalla, 40Km south of Gothenborg

This was the catch from the night before, crabfishers, mhmmm.. ;))

Maria happy and playing in the sand

I wounder if the ocean is hot today

Hampus looking and thinking

And this is how you fish crabs

With sucess

Mr crab goes into the bucket from both Maria and Hampus

Waterskies in action

An older nice little fishingboat in the ocean south of Gothenborg

Some boats that is cruising in the ocean

A nice house at the beach

Sunset is coming

Sunset in the water

A beautiful night like a dream again and sun is going down and the day coming to the end and Mr pillow is waiting.. ;))

* Photo : Rickard Santala © +46(0)706-249 704 *

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