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Info: 2007-10-24 to 2007-11-01, We took of to the beautiful Budapest in Hungary again during Hampus Autumnbreak from school. Sad enough it wasn´t so sunny this time but alot warmer than Sweden and the sun was shining the day then we wen´t home anyway.. ;) It was nice come back home there anyway and meeting alot of friends going around the city, and we got to visit the Royal Palace and the Fishingtower and so we got some culture into our blood. We even had time to some real good hungarian food but like normal when you travel time goes away all to fast and it was time to fly back to Sweden again but here´s the story.

Landvetter Airport Sweden, Maria and Hampus

Maria and Rickard outside Landvetter

And again and really nice weather for flying

So it is......

Inside departurehall

So happy to go for a change

And with the checkin desks and the coffeeplace GÖTHEBORG

Father and son

So it´s time for take off and the sun is happy

The autumn is aproaching

Sweden from the air

Can you guess where it is?

Home in the plane

Ahh, nice and relaxing, sun and clouds


Closing up to Hungary and landing in Budapest

And we came down this time to.. ;)

Sooo happy to be in Budapest again

It´s funny to photo your father.. ;)

And so we arrived to Budapest and start our trip home there.

Seightseeing on town, Maria, Agnes and Hampus and the tower behind is built to save the Hungarians from the plaige and is 15M. high and built 1713

Maria and Agnes

View into this little enclosed space of harmony i Budapest with all beautiful history to look at and the time stands still

Little informacio

Some renovating in progress inside the area

Proud limosinedriver posing in front of the church

Statue of István Király, the first king in Hungary by the year of 997

Inside the Fishingtower with 7 towers in total, this inside the tower

Statue of István Király Hungarian King 997, and by mythology he was the gods punisher

View over Donau and Budapest from the Buda side

Budapest with the Chain Bridge

Donau Elisabeth Bridge, Liberty Bridge and Lagymanyosi

The Fishingtowers, it got it´s name of being the fishingmarketplace around the 1895-1902, and it have 7 towers all named by generals

Donau with Margrethe Bridge and churchtowers

The fishingmarketplace is placed rather high over Budapest and they where lookouts 4 attacks in the same time and protect the city from here

Mathias Church ounder renovation, Made 1255 until 1269, and here Matias Rex got married, nowdays it´s alot of conserts here

View down on Budapest from the Fisherman´s Bastion

Steps up to Fishingtowers and in the background the statue of King István Király, that was the grounder of Hungary and what it is today

The Parlament with Budapest and Donau

The Parlament, is the biggest Parlament in the world, 268 meters long, 123 meters between the cupols and 96 meters high

The cupols of the Parlament

Good lookoutplace from Fishermans place

More fishingtowers with the Kingstatue of the King István Király that was born 970 and king by 997 and live until 1038

It´s a quite big place this Fishmarketplace and it was a good protection place for the city back in the days

Kingstatue of the King István Király, and he was founder of the Catolic Church in Hungary, and start building all the proud Catolic Churches

A little stairsign beside the Royal Palace, in the area WaterCity

And alot of walking

Fishermans Place, view from downside

Monument of Stefanus King

The area in miniaturemodel

Statue of one General Hadik 1937

This sign tells of this was the recidense of Angelo Rotta that was head of church here long time ago

Alittle shoppingmarketplace inside this little town

Hampus, Agnes and Maria

If you don´t know where to go

One big picture in front of the Alexander Palace


Alexander Palace, now with officis of the Republic President

Alexander Palace

The Royal Palace

The Royal Palace with a statue of a general in front

Mattias Fontain

Information of the Kings responsible of building this Palace starting 1246

Mr & Mr in front of the Mathias Fontain

Mr, Mrs & Mrs in front of the Mathias Fontain

A gate in the Royal Palace, inside on the right side The National Library and as well alot of Museums

The Royal Palace, 1541 the Turks invade this palace and 150 years went by before the Hungarians took it back

Ounder the Royal Palace it´s one labyrint 1200 meters long

Balcony of the Royal Palace

One more General as a Statue

Alexander Palace again from a different view

Some nice gardening in the area

Hampus in the Palcegarden

The Parlament

Donau with the Margrethe Bridge looking south

Royal Palace garden

The Chain Bridge over Donau view from the Royal Palace

Beautiful Budapest

The siklo, a little train that is possible to take up to palace, 100 meters steep uphill and it was made 1255

At the bridge it´s the King Stairs there it´s possible to walk and see the Siklo

Chain Bridge, Budapest-Hungary and behind Grasheam PalaceHotel

Here´s the beautiful Donau and Margrethe Island and the pics to follow show how nice it is

The End

Photo/Text: Hampus Santala ©

and Rickard&Maria Santala ©

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