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Info: 2008-03-15, We feelt it was time to go to Budapest-Hungary again and fix alittle papers and enjoy the spring there that is both warmer and earleyer, and absolute a great experiense if you have pain in the joints like i have it´s great to come to a climate that the air isn´t so humid like it´s in Gothenburg with extreme pain from autumn until late spring with this + and - degrees all the time, so now with alittle bit less medication and pain going down the hapiness start to spread inside me and we wen´t to the Tropicarium in the north of Budapest-Hungary. This was a real nice facillity with alot of tropical animals like all kind of fishes you can think of and as well shark and stingrock, turtles, crocs, and snakes and so on, a real nice experiense and this tropicarium is located in one of the many many shoppingcenters that is in Budapest and with a playground (Peter Pan) were you can let your children have fun while you experiense the rest of the butiqs. This plus Budapest zoo is a great sugestion for a family that want to experiense some nice event´s while visiting Budapest.

Tropicarium webpage with webcam, adress, prices everything in GB about the Tropicarium. PAGE: http://www.tropicarium.hu/_lang/eng/flash_eng.htm

Here you can find some of the nice events that is in Budapest Zoo from our last trip /Internal Page 2007-04-02, Budapest Zoo, Hungary

And so here is the pics from the Budapest Tropicarium then, enjoy, we had a very wounderful and pleasent day there.

* Photo : Rickard Santala © +46(0)706-249 704 © *

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