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Info: 2008-04-18 until 20, We made a nice roundtrip with our friend Agi that came and visitid us from Budapest-Hungary. First we went out with Stena Line in Gothenburg to Kiel-Germany and after we went around the small roads to Flensburg and did alittle shopping, after we rolled north on the Danish motorways to Skagen in the top of Denmark and it´s just so beautiful on the beaches there and all of Denmark is just fantastic, country and people and landscape and all, afterwards we went to Frederikshavn in Dk and had a quick dinner before we went on the boat back to Sweden. A fantastic trip to make for anyone. Make the trip with Stena Line.se , and a word of advice, plan the trip so you can take the time to look on everything cause i promise you find alot of nice things along the way so keep the ferryticket home open so you can change the sailtime, then you can stop along the way and make memorys for life. And this is our story.

Outside Stena Line Terminal to Germany in Gothenburg

The Gothenburg local boatline Älvsnabben that transport people over the river

And away we go

Agnes in the reardeck of Stena Scandinavica and (the bridge) Älvsborgsbron in the background

Large car and trucktransportationship in Gothenburg harbour

It´s a beautiful view when you sail out in the evening

This is a pipe worth mentioning, hehe, hmm, it´s a V8 or what, it sounds nice power anyway

Sailing out in the outside of Gothenburg harbour

Sunset coming, niiiice

Alot of small nice things to watch on the way out to the open ocean

Basic facts

Hampus in the cabin, this is home he say and i can´t do nothing than agree with this, best place in the world, on the way...... somewere

SRSS, worth mentioning, a volontary group that help people in need 24/7-365 in the Swe waters, and just to help

Nice smokingcorner in the back of the boat around midnight on the open sea, Rickard and Maria

So Germany and Kiel closing up, here on the way in the channel before docking in

A nice sailing ship sailing out of the Kiel harbour when whe´re sailing in

A fun occupation aboard that take away both time and money, but fun it is...... ;) but not 4 Agnes, she only win and win, hehe

The large shop onboard, here you find anything of your needs, cosmetics, candy, alcohol, souvenires, memorys

On the way to the cabines

Cardeck below in the ship

Outside after we drove of the ship and on the way out on the German roads

So then it´s Germany

On the way in Kiel city you can make the choice of AutoBahn or Bündestrasse and this time we took the latest to look on some landscape

Some nice views along Bündestrasse 76 to Eckernförde and Flensburg

Denmark aproaching

Bündesgränze From Germany to Denmark


Danish landscape

Where we go, hmm, i prefere south and rather long if i can choose, the longer the better

And so Rickard drive some

Tounnel along the Danish motorway

Beautiful Danish coast along the motorway

Ship sailing to Norway from Denmark

The road up to Skagen from Frederikshavn in Denmark

From the sandbeach in the absolute north of Denmark-Skagen

Agnes happy about the situation in the Skagenich sand ;)))

Hampus home in the Danish sand again, and happy as well. This place is harmony i´ll tell you

Maria and Agnes

Agnes and Rickard


* Photo : Rickard Santala, Hampus Santala, Maria Szabo, Agnes Odór © +46(0)706-249 704 © *

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