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Info: 2008-04-17>05-02, Our friend Agnes from Budapest was here and we went around some, in this album you´ll find pics from her arrivle at the airport and as well Liseberg in Gothenburg and our livingarea Brf. Stensjöhöjd in Mölndal and the nature area at Gunnebo Castle in Mölndal, so it´s alittle mix.

Arriving at the airport

And after a quick visit at Landvetter Airport Gothenburg

Agi outside Landvetter


On the way home to Mölndal

The birdplace at Stensjön-Mölndal

And ofcourse then some birds with this

Stensjön, an extreamly nice place

Gunnebo Castle

And the horses at Gunnebo was a given sucess

Agi with horses

And Rickard with horses

And Maria with horses

And walking in the forrest beside Rådasjön in Mölndal

Outcome of the small river that goes between Stensjön and Rådasjön (sjön=lake)

Agi and Rickard feeling of the cold water


Rolling around in the city

Agi and Maria

Maria and Agi outside our house

And our beautiful livingarea Brf. Stensjöhöjd in Mölndal-Swe

Hampus and Sophie on the swingers

Happy girls walking

The hill Kastanjebacken down to the beachwalk Strandpromenaden at Stensjön

The water from Stensjön going down here at Stålloppet before it´s going downhill to Mölndal city and the old mills

A very loooong leg, hehe, i thought this was funny anyway.... ;))

The area beside Stensjön on the way to Gunnebo Naturedistrict

And some springflowers along the way

Some walkingpaths at Gunnebo, this along the waterlink between Stensjön to Rådasjön

And alot of beautiful flowers coming to life in the late springheat

Some animals at Gunnebo

Gunnebo, extreamly nice

And the flowergardens at Gunnebo

Along the horsestables at Gunnebo Horseclub

Some nice green things ;) beside Rådasjön

Sunset over Mölndal taken from high up in the mountins beside Stensjön, Marias favourite

Agnes at our familydinner

And Maria

And Hampus ofcourse with a funny face

And Rickard

Hampus, Agi, Ulla-Britt and Raimo

Agi and Rickard having computerlesseon, hehe

And then Liseberg, here the ferrytalecastle

And the atraction Rainbow

And it was soooo funny

And we won some choklate

Hampus and Agnes in the Jukeboxcars

Some views from inside the amusementpark Liseberg

And this was all for this time, welcome back

* Photo : Rickard Santala, Maria Szabo, Agnes Odór © +46(0)706-249 704 © *

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