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Info: 2008-06-14, We was to the great show with the MonsterTrucks at the arena Ullevi in Gothenburg-Sweden. This was a wounderful show and if you like cars, engines and have children that like this don´t hesitate to go there, it was a perfect event and the teams and drivers really gave from theirselfs and my son just loved it, and it´s sure that we´ll never miss this show when it´s coming to the city. Big funny things and high sounds with the lovely V8sound running in your body.

Drivers signing souveniers and taking photo with their idols

Hampus in front of his favourite, Gravedigger

This was a Swedish driver and team, real funny that we have one in this worldcircus, and really strong to make it there

Hampus celibrating the day

And so the show started

The drivers sad hello to the public

The race is on and it was hard and they had extream controll of their monstertrucks asolute faboulus

Sad enough our Swedish truck flipped over and was out of the race even though they really tryed to fix it to the second part of the competition

And so they towed it away to some mending

Full speed ahead

During the break this was a flipover competition with normal cars who could make the nicest fliparound

As well this Freestyle Motocross showed the Swedish audience how to do it during the brake, and this was fantastic

Some flying

And more flying, absolute fantastic

A nice piruette to finish the just this race

In the end of the freestyle Maximum Destruction made this jump and flipped around, but he made points of this... ;)))

After the show all the drivers walked by the audience and sayed byebye and after it was possible to get photos and signatures outside

Happy drivers and a happy audience

Thanks fore this time and welcome back, we´re here the next year to, it´s for sure........

* Photo : Rickard & Hampus Santala © +46(0)706-249 704 © *

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