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Info: 2008-08-22 to 24, It was time to have the yearly Trucking Festival/Nordic Trophy, this time at Elmia, Jönköping-Sweden. The head orginazer behind this show is the Trucking Magazine TRAILER that you´ll find at Trailer.se , and this newspaper is as well sold in all of the northern countrys and has a Gb version as well. I had the luck to have one of my best friends compeating in the show so i could join him there with his beautiful truck, sad enough it did´nt get any prices but in our eyes it´s the most beautiful baby anyway.. ;) Coments follow ounder sektions of pics telling what it´s all about and in the same weekend they had the Resque-exib. at the same location and if you wanne see this pics click here. It´s always wounderful to come here, one weekend ayear when the drivers can relax and show how nice their trucks look even though they are rolling all year around, and keeping this polish of the trucks when they are rolling this hard is not easy, i know. Anyway we had a great time and are looking forward to the next event and enjoy the pictures.


A Helicopter....

Hmm.... Investigation by Glenn and Rickard

The story here is our good friend Jimmy Lundgren came here with his sons in this to look at the show

And give us some safetyinstructions before

We could come up in the air with him to look at the show from the air and get som helicop.-pics of the show

Of and away, great feeling to fly in this things and when you´ll have the best pilot it doesn´t get any better

Yea, that´s that flying for this time, just below you find airpics of the show

Happy flying Glenn and Rickard..... Hehe.. ;)))) Biiiig smile..

And so they wen´t home

And the PartyPartyboys keeping full action like normal

This is how the weekend looked here and this was the scene for the priceceremony as well and he was the dj in the party to

Our baby ready for the show

And then Elmia from the air

It´s the view from the air my friends

This nice truck i found inside one of the exib.-halls

And a really great racingcar in the same time, mayby something for shopping...;)))

Ensurancecompany making contact with their customers during the show

A really nice Volvo inside


A indeed fine Volvo from the north of Finland i found when i was walking the premesis

Team Luke Transport, real happy nice man that i meet along the way, nice truck and nice happy drivers

This is what we like.... ;)))

Scania indoors the exib.

Here we´re coming to the winnersektion, old and new champions

This pipes is love, and the spookes to, sweet dreams......

From the Veteransektion, the Eliasson-Brothers from Mölndal-Swe showing this old diamant in perfect condition

From the good old times

With alot of nice memorys that they share with the public

The Pink Panter

Some nice details indeed

And ofcourse a real favourite

Nice views along the way, and some more below

SCANIA, the one and only

This fellow we meet during washinghouers before the show, and he came from France to show this nice ScaniaTruck

Resque Towtruck with some extra options......

Rutger, boss of the magazine Trailer that make this the show exist, here in the price ceremony

Svempa, still going strong, this is trucking in Sweden and creations beond the possible, he´s a creator with never ending fluid

Mr Sjöberg him self during the price ceremony. He´s the Big Boss and Official Publisher of Trailer mag. and more papers in the same company and concern Förlags Ab Albinsson & Sjöberg-Sweden

The price ceremony

And this coupple got married at their truck during the show and announced at stage and veryvery happy.....

Prices going out here to Mr. Thurhagen for best builtup truck

And Nordic Trophywinner 2008 with the Truck Shogun, Mr Mika Auvinen from Finland/Soumi

Happy winner with champagne as custom in motorshows after all the hard work, you´ll find the truck below

And winner of Public Choice, Runner Up wen´t to Mr Dan Bahleda, Brno-Cz with his beautiful truck Joker, further down on the page.


Alot of happy faces on stage

Along with some words from the winners

Great victory

And trouly hapiness that will follow him on his route between Cz and Sweden with his lovely truck

Shogun, Winner of Champ. Nordic Trophy 2008

Joker from Cz, The Public choice, runner up 1:rst place

This is something you´ll don´t see every day if you´ll going across the Cz, thats for sure, a real nice truck and a real worthy winner

A specialbuiltup truck by Svempa that i really did like

Svempas Shark

The backend of Svempas trailer that they had the shop in, real nice with the light inside an nighttime

And this truck caught my eye, the motives from the north of Swe where it´s from and the polish of it, uhhhhh... NICE

A view from the north of Swe, from the locals and their lifes during generations, prideness...... What more to say.

Whisper from North

This truck i thought was extreamly nice to, it was named Blue Eyes

Then it was only our baby left, no price but it´s really something anyway that is catching the attention along the road everyday

Nothing wrong with the polish of it

Just a slight view of the village of Jönköping-Swe outside our hotell in the citycenter

Some pics togeather with a Dutch newspaper that we took in the afternoon of the Sunday before we wen´t home

Thank´s and goodbye, hope to see you´ll again next year and drive safe.

* Photo : Rickard Santala © +46(0)706-249 704 © *

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