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Info: 2009-04-18>19, The spring started to arrive so i went around a trip and took some pics in our neighbourhood at Stensjön, Mölndal-Sweden. Explonations follows under the pics.

From the kitchenwindow, view over the forrest on the other side Stensjön

Bird in the air over Stensjön

Stensjön and the forrest on the Gunnebo National Park with Castle side

Flower in the kitchenwindow

Our street in the wunderful springheat

The playground on our street

Our street

View over Mölndal

View over Mölndal with the tower of FässbergsKyrkan (Church)

In the bottom of our street with the sweet little hotel Stensjöhill

Stensjön at the beachwalk

A small fotballfield just in connection to the lake

Beachwalk and Stensjön (Stonelake, free translation)

Beachwalk (Strandpromenaden) with the rather new houses in the background

Stensjön and Stålloppet, the smaller channel what´s leading to the Rådasjön

And again, real nice houses and view over the lake they have from there

View over Stensjön

Closeup on the small waves

Boats beside the lake getting ready to get in for the season

The mainroad leading down to the shop/resturant and the beachwalk

The big road outside

And with alittle filter and photoshop, hehe.. ;))

And again and that´s all for this time, im not gone yeat, ride in peace friends.... Best Regards from Mölndal

* Photo : Rickard Santala © +46(0)706-249 704 © *

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