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Info: 2011-05-21, We went down to visit our friend at the wunderful Ölmanäs 40 Km south of Gothenburg at the beutiful Swedish westcoast, this day it only got som quick pics on Eddie and mummy and daddy and Marias Racingcar, but a perfect day in a perfect location.

Memories from home and a wunderful country with all our nice kind frinds and teriffic people, go there if you havent been there...

Happy Maria at the Swedish WestCoast... ;)))

Happy Mum and Eddie posing for the photos.

Sweet Love... ;)))

And pusspuss...

Mr.Eddie Meduza, Happy and Proud like he should be, he´s one of the best friends in the world and we love him so....

And then we have Daddy and Eddie, it´s good it´s riming, hehe.. ;))

Getting soooo nice, even more then normal...

Lovely dog and absolutely no problems what so ever handling him, safe and relaxed and happy to be taken care of.. ;)) And Rickards nice shoes, hehe.

Marias nice Racing-Honda from behind, and it goes like Jesus......... ;))))) Ofcourse inside the speedlimit!

Deep front with big airintake, strong engine needs alot of air to go as h....

And the beuty from the side, this is on fantastic car i can tell you but if you buy one take the automaticgear.

That´s all from us this time folks, and it have it´s reasons but hopefully it will be some more material and photos in the future. If God is Good.

* Photo : Rickard Santala & Maria Szabo-Sweden © +46(0)706-249 704 © *

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