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Info: 2011-03-24 This Album was Created, This is a NostalgyAlbum From some fun parts of my life like 1988-1999, info under the pics, and i get warm in my heart when i look at this pics and really feel the happyness that was out there and can be with the right attitude, and hopefully you seen them around the roads in the world, theese were the good days my friends. Love to you all and drive safe and take care of eachother along the roads, cause thats what we are. King Of The Roads. Hope to see you all around out there soon or later again my dear family.

A good fun start with my own company, Express in Sweden and Europe, let the good times roll....

That was the rear that proberly some of you have seen.. Hehe... ;))

Me in RescueUniform 1994, and so beutiful, hehe...

Then some time in my friend Baltens Heavy Rescue at Falken Gothenburg-Swe, Here two of his beutys

And with a Semi hooked up on the way to StateControll

Here is the view from the drivermirror with hooked up semi on the road.. ;)))

Then the beuty i had between Sweden-Denmark on line-traffic, here on Photoshoot for commercial Dantransport in DK 1995

Two of our Continentbeutys

Loaded and ready to go southover

Me and my friend Jan fueling up somewhere

And then it was southover

And here the beuty at Blondie, The BreadExpress that me and Glenn Drove

Nice, just soooo nice... ;))))

And the boys at Sunne Trucking Festival summer 1999

And the first trip my son Hampus was with me, happy to go with the only, Scania V8, just north of Husquarna-Swe Southbound

And here was when my life went to hell after my crash with our beuty at 1999-12-03 01:13

And this is what was left of the hanger, teares in my eyes.... :(((((

Here trying to work at Falck again after the accident, it worked 4 some months before my body totally broke down and the rest is history and not a good one, so drive safely friends cause you´ll knever know whats around the corner and love every day, listen to one that knows and let my shitty days be a leasson for you, but never give up!!!! Im still hoping and trying, Keep up the good work friends..... Rickard Santala, Mölndal-Sweden

* Photo : Rickard Santala-Sweden © +46(0)706-249 704 © *

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