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Info: Here we´re gone put and have some mixed pictures from alittle bit different accations, Animals, boats, cars, trucks, travelling, rescue, nature, so more or less everything what is possible and intresting to photo and show and the meanthing is to give great intrest for everyone to watch this page with a great range of different accations. The first albums in the buttom is on Swedish but along the way we changed and write everything in English to try to get and entertain as many people as possible and we´ll hope we can get many viewer´s from around the world. So enjoy and have a nice day.. ;)) Best regards Rickard with family...

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Södra Sverige, Temp +-+-+-+-+-+-, vatten, is, vatten, is, snö, vatten, is!!!!

2013-10-12, LastbilsDemonstration Gothenburg-Swe.

2011-08-06, Swe Westcoast, Ölmanäs, 40Km south of Gothenburg

2011-05-29, Marias Racing Honda

2011-05-21, Mummy, Daddy, Eddie and Mums nice Racingcar at the Swe West-Coast

2011-03-24, NostalgyAlbum of my life Rickard Santala

2011-03-20, The Dog, Eddie Meduza 1-Year Birthday

2010-08-19, New Stena Germanica III Comes home to Gothenburg-Sweden

2010, Eddie Meduza the Dog and Mrs. Jampa the Rabbit

2010-05-29, MonsterTrucks Ullevi Goth.-Sweden

2009-06-13, MonsterTrucks Ullevi, Gothenburg-Sweden

2009-06-01, Marias first Graduation in Swe School and her new car

2009-05-30, Fish on the Road or In the Load... ;))

2009-03-18>19, Spring Mölndal, Stensjön-Sweden

2008 Keep on Trucking - On the Road Again

2008-08-22 to 24, Trucking Festival/Nordic Trophy, Elmia Jkp-Sweden (Big Album)

2008-08-22 to 24, ResqueExib on Elmia Jkp-Sweden

2008-06-14, MonsterTrucks Ullevi, Gothenburg-Sweden

2008-05-09, A Squirrel visiting Maria in Ölmanäs-Swe

2008-05-01, Kolmården Zoo, Sweden with Dolphines and Agi

2008-04-24, Swedish Westcoast, Ölmanäs with Agnes

2008-04-17>05-02, Agi in Swe pics of Mölndal, Lisberg, Gunnebo and some

2008-04-18 until 20, Roundtrip Swe-D-Dk-Swe with our friend Agi from Budapest

2008-04-16, Double Rainbows over Stensjön, Mölndal-Sweden

2008-03-24, 25, When the springsnow came to SouthSweden

2008-03-15, Budapest Tropicarium - Hungary

2007-12-20, Baltens, Falck-Gbg Lastar buss på Bärgartrailern

2007-10-24 to 2007-11-01, Autumntrip to Beautiful Budapest (Very Big Album)

2007-10-11 until 13, On the Road Again with Glenn Johnsson Transport, Kungsbacka-Sweden

2007-09-29 Gråbo Trophy Truckingfestival – Gråbo, Sweden (Very Big Album)

2007-09-23, Maria the Resquewoman

2007-09-22+23, RoadRacing Falkenberg Motorbana SWE

2007-07-20 until 22, Middleagedays at Bohus Fästning, Kungälv-SWE

2007-06-09, Homecomming of the Ship Götheborg to it´s Homeharbour-Swe

2007-06-05, Some more wounderful to enjoy from the Swedish West-Coast, Ölmanäs

2007-05-31+06-02, Swedish Westcoast, Ölmanäs, 40Km south of Gothenborg

2007-05-26, Car racing at Kinnekulle Racingtrack Sweden, Album 1 in Pressphoto

2007-05-26, Car racing at Kinnekulle Racingtrack Sweden, Album 2 in Pressphoto

2007-04-05, The beautiful Margrethe Island in Donau, Budapest-Hungary

2007-04-02, Freedomsquere at Hösök Tere, Budapest-Hungary

2007-04-02, Budapest Zoo, Hungary

2007-03-31, Landing in Budapest-Hungary, pictures from the air

2007-03-09, Budapest Universal Exitmentcenter, Hungary

2006-10-25, Some beautiful lights at Gothenborgs mainstreet Avenyn

2006-12-23, Christmas at Liseberg amusmentpark, Gothenborg-Swe

2006-12-18 until 20, Rickard, Maria & Agnes goes to England, Jippiiii

2006-12-03, Dogcompetition-show at Åby Travbana Mölndal about the dog Cruséas Loving Lolly

2006-12-02, Emilia Lovisa name-cermony at Kungsbacka Church

2006-10-05, Just some cute babypics

2006-07-11to25, Rickard, Hampus, Maria, Katy and Agi in Budapest-Hungary

2006-05-13, Kolmården Zoo, Sweden, a wounderful day

2006-05-10,11,12, Cruise with DFDS, Gothenburg-Newcastle T/R, beutiful trip

2006-05-08,15, Pics from the sky flying with Malev Gothenburg-Budapest T/R

2006-01-04, Donau Budapest Hungary Nighttime with Parlament and Castle

2005-12-29 until 2006-01-04, Newyear in Budapest, Hungary

2005-11-26, Ulla-Britt Middag med vänner Gunnebo

2005-10, A trip with a City-Truck Sweden-Hungary T/R for Scania and Allison

2005-07, Keep on Trucking, A trip trough Europe

2005-04-24, Min vän Glenn och hans grymma Saab Viggen Racing en vacker dag

2005-04-20, Lite bilder på min vän Glenn och Blondie Fjärr

2005-03-24,25, En liten 3-dagarskryss till England med DFDS

2004-03-03, Lifeguard 8898, Göteborgs AmbulansHelikopter och stolthet

* Photo : Rickard Santala © +46(0)706-249 704 *

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